The Fee Detective Visits Florida and Explores the Florida Rental Car Surcharge

Florida wants its $2 surcharge from every renter. To add insult to injury, you even have to pay *sales tax* on the surcharge. Talk about a double-whammy. :(

New Uber Express Pool Provides Savings for Those Willing to Walk a Bit

Uber continues to drive prices down and create more efficient transportation options. If you want to save money, you might want to give the new Uber Express Pool a try.

Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum Tier Provides New Shortcut to Hertz Status

Are you a Starwood SPG Platinum member? If so, you automatically qualify for Hertz Five Star or Presidents Circle status.

Is It Possible To Save $200 On A Car Rental? - Making Sense Of Cents

Is It Possible To Save $200 On A Car Rental? Yes It Is! With AutoSlash!

Super excited to be featured on the extremely popular blog Making Sense of Cents!

A Major Municipality Still Requires Rental Companies to Offer Printed Maps

Renters in the Miami area are being forced to pay for inaccurate paper maps. Your tax dollars at work!

"Old and Pregnant" Renter Arrested at Fort Myers Airport

For the record, this is NOT the best way to return your rental car at the airport. #FelonyFriday

Remember When ... Dollar Created a Car Piggy Bank?

Don't try this at home kids! #TBT

Budget and Enterprise Offer Competing Arizona Drive-Out Specials

Looking to escape from Arizona in a cheap car rental? We've got the details on which company will offer you the best deal.


Reminder to enter our FREE CAR RENTAL contest before it closes on 3/15. The winner will be announced on 4/1!

The Fee Detective Visits Columbus -- What Comes First, the Rental Car Center or the New Terminal?

Does someone who rents for a week cause 7X more wear and tear on the rental facility than a one-day renter? Of course not, but that doesn't stop the airport authorities from charging you 7X as much. :(

The World's Most Congested Cities -- Where Renters don't Get to Test the Rental's Capabilities

Is your city on the list of the world's most congested cities?

Recap: Credit Report Changes, Autoslash Results & More - Doctor Of Credit

"Autoslash is a must use tool if you ask me."
-Doctor Of Credit

Budget Offers a Budget Bucks Promotion for the Remainder of 2018

Get a few extra bucks out of Budget's Budget Bucks promo, but don't go too far out of your way since their promotion is largely a yawner.

After Avoiding Extradition for 3.5 Years, Canadian Pleads Guilty in Drug Mule Case

Go off-road to avoid Border Patrol? Yeah, probably not in that rental Cherokee. #FelonyFriday

Listen to Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase! on TuneIn

We are proud to be sponsoring the Betty In the Sky With a Suitcase podcast this week! You can hear her describe the awesomeness of AutoSlash at 5:05. The podcast is a collection of funny airline and travel stories reminiscent of an old fashioned radio show. It boasts over 3 million downloads and it was recently turned into a book:

Remember When ... Satellite Radio wasn't Available in Rental Cars?

Some of us remember actually having to change the radio station every couple of hours on our cross-country road trips. 😱

A Year of Tracking - Autoslash's Results β€’ The Art of Travel Hacking

Whoa! This guy tracked a rental with AutoSlash for ONE YEAR. We though he would save a lot but we were blown away.

Remember, the longer you track a rental with AutoSlash, the more likely we are to find savings! If you haven't put your upcoming rentals into our tracker, you can do so here:

3 rental car companies cancel discounts for NRA members

Enterprise, Alamo, and National have all ended discounts for NRA members. What do you think of this?

Did you know: each rental car company differs on whether they charge extra for a spouse to drive!

Have you ever been charged an additional driver fee?

We've got the full rundown on additional driver fees:

The State of Virginia takes Dynamic Tolling to an Absurd Level

A one-way toll here can be more than the daily rate on your rental car.

Have you ever used a credit card for a rental car claim? Was it easy or really annoying? Do you have a go-to card for car rentals?

We wrote a whole primer with the ins and outs of rental car coverage! Check it out!

The Fee Detective Visits Maui, Where Rental Cars Users are Facing a Massive Tax Increase

β€œThat will never fly in the Legislature, to just continue to dogpile on our local residents when you have all of these rental cars." Real quote from a Hawaii state representative.


City and County of San Francisco Sues Turo, Continues Assault on Transportation

San Francisco's obviously never met a tax it didn't like. Apparently, it's also never met a lawsuit it didn't like, either.

Does Enterprise Read the AutoSlash Blog? We Think the Answer Might be Yes!

AutoSlash: we automatically slash both your rental car rates *and* Enterprise's legal defense budget.

8 Car Rental Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money On The Road

Awesome review of AutoSlash in Journo!

" will be an important part of booking a car rental because of the effective tools it uses to find you the best price. Less work to do – more fun to have! Plus, the AutoSlash service is completely free to use!"

The Lowdown on Fox Rewards. Yes, that's the Official Name of Fox's Reward Program

We suspect the marketing budget to develop their program is less than you'll have to spend to earn anything in it.

Drunk man blacks out, takes $1,600 Uber ride to New Jersey from West Virginia party

"Uber confirmed the ride occurred, the report states, and the driver took Bachman to the destination he requested."

Marijuana Legal in California? One Renter Discovers It's Not That Simple.

It's probably a good idea to obey traffic laws when you decide to disobey trafficking laws. #FelonyFriday

What's your fave? Tell us!

PS - what's your LEAST fave?

#didyouknow AutoSlash can find you deals with all major rental car companies!

Ways to save on (and for) travel

" is my new go-to for rental cars. This website uses parameters you provide, including memberships such as AAA, to secure a rental car at a great price."


#millionssaved #autoslash #1forCheapCarRentals

What is ______ ?

Do you know the answer to this recent Jeopardy question???

Remember When ... Avis Gave Away an Awesome Car to Promote Social Media Engagement

Five years ago, Avis gave away a BMW. We're hoping for a repeat performance. #ThrowbackThursday

Update 3/1/2018: It's D!!! Millions of dollars saved for travelers!
. . .
. . . . . .
. . .
What do you think? πŸ€”

The Fee Detective Heads to Raleigh-Durham and Avoids College Basketball Debates

"And if I die in Raleigh, at least I will die free."

We didn't realize they were just trying to avoid paying these rental car taxes.

194: Four Investment Lessons From Warren Buffett - Money For The Rest of Us -

Have you heard of the awesome podcast Money For the Rest of Us?! It's about taking control of your financial future. We are one of their sponsors (check out the first 30 seconds of the podcast)! At AutoSlash, our goal is to help you save on travel so you can do other things with your hard earned money! We're proud to partner with Money for the Rest of Us. Thanks for letting us be part of your financial journey.πŸ’²πŸ˜ Let us know what you think of the podcast in the comments!πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Still Looking for National Executive Status? Match from Other Travel Programs!

Road warriors, rejoice! National wants your businessβ€”and they're offering free elite status to prove it. This time, any status with any loyalty program counts. Dig out your airline and hotel gold/platinum/diamond cards and Go Like A Pro!

Visiting Scottsdale, Arizona? You May be Eligible for a Transportation Subsidy!

Scottsdale will pay you $20 to use Uber. Sounds like a win to us! We'll see you on the golf course.

Did You Miss National Car Rental's Updates from CES? There's Still an Opportunity to Watch on Social Media

National rolled out the green carpet at CES in Vegas. If you didn't catch it in person, be sure to check out their vision of the rental car of the future here!

Budget Lists Arizona and Florida Drive-Out Offers, Follows Enterprise's Lead on Higher Rates

Escape from Florida! And Arizona! Super cheap car rentals move vehicles to areas they are needed. If you want to do a road trip, now's the time!

Remember When ... Budget wanted to Make Driving Experiences More Enjoyable

Ah, how times have changed... Can you imagine the backlash from a commercial like this today? #TBT

Borough of Leonia's Ban on Outside Traffic Gets Immediate Legal Challenge

Here's one lawsuit we really hope succeeds.

Rent-A-Wreck Bankruptcy Case Tossed because the Company is Not Bankrupt

Not only are this company's cars a wreck, but so is their owner. Renters beware!

Alamo Makes the 2018 Florida Drive-Out Special Slightly Less Special

Alamo is first out of the gate with their annual Florida drive-out special, even if the deal isn't quite as good as in years past.

AutoSlash - The #1 Site for Cheap Car Rentals

Dollar and Thrifty launch a 2-day FLASH sale for President's Day with 20% off. Click below to check discounted rates now.

The Fee Detective Finds Enterprise's Carbon Offsets Cost More than Expected

Those carbon offsets that the rental companies offer you get taxed which means that a portion ends up in the hands of local airport authorities and municipalities. Not very environmentally friendly. :(

UPDATE 2/25/2018!! The winner is Patti Cormier Cockell who saved $130 on her SUV rental in Boston! Congrats Patti!

More free money from AutoSlash?! 😍 Win a $25 Amazon gift card! πŸ™ŒπŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²Share your biggest AutoSlash save in the comments. Where did you rent and how much did you save?

Limited Time Offer: SAS Provides a (Small) Rental Car for Those Purchasing Two Round-Trip Tickets

While a free rental car is always welcome, this one comes with a few caveats...

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, Pt. 2 -- Courtship Errors at the Local Enterprise

A young woman gets "flashy" to woo an Enterprise employee. The night turns out quite a bit differently than she expected...

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